‘Surya Dhyanam’ – Meditation on the Sun

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When: 1:00 to 4:00 pm Saturday 23rd May 2015
Where: Agama Yoga Centre. 216 Richardson Street, Middle Park
Investment: $55
To Book E: Deb Robertson

The Veda-s see the sun as a powerful deity exhibiting auspicious qualities representing everything important for living a good life.
In those ancient times, the Gayatri Manta was understood to be a sacred chant that connected us to the sun.
This mantra is a focal part of the sun meditation.

Deb Robertson, Arlene Kaplan, Rosemary Hancock and Kath O’Connor experienced two weeks of immersion in Surya Dhyanam – Sun Meditation, lead by senior teachers and faculty at KYM in Chennai.

Presented by Deb Robertson and Arlene Kaplan, they will offer an introduction to the concepts behind the practice and chanting of this potent and age old meditative practice reflecting on the qualities of the sun.
Chant in asana, Gayatri Mantra with pranayama, gestures and mantra japa, will create the conditions for focus, for dhyanam.

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