Rhythms of early spring

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An afternoon of Yoga and Ayurveda with Deb
When: 1:00 to 4:00 pm Saturday 26th September 2015
Where: Williamstown Yoga and Meditation. 109 Douglas Parade
Investment $56 or $46 includes workshop, discussion and a cuppa.
To Book E: Deb Robertson M: 0448 978 818

Lighten your heart and put a spring in your step

After Winter we all have some degree of accumulation, heaviness, dullness or imbalance; this is the perfect time to harness the changing energies of the incoming Spring.
Time to clear out the old, the stagnant and
• Investigate your own constitution and tendencies
• Take time to reflect on the qualities associated with each dosa
• Explore and investigate the effect of the guna-s on your personal wellbeing
• Consider some positive step by step plans for the rest of the year.
• Commit afresh to the wonderful work of reharmonising your own unique system.
Slowly and surely, you will feel the benefits in every dimension of your life.

Workshop and discussion will be followed by a practice, cleansing the system through asana, restoring balance through conscious breathing practices, sound, relaxation and finish with a meditation to integrate your intention.

Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, tells us that the foundation for good health is rooted and sustained in our daily life, in our practice, in what and how we eat, in our lifestyles. As in yoga, the benefits only come with and through our practice, requiring us to establish a positive approach to regular self-care routines