What is Yoga Therapy

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Drawing on an age old tradition of healing, Yoga Therapy utilizes a broad range of tools including movement, pranayama (conscious breathing) meditation, sound, chanting, positive visualisation, mindfulness teachings, dietary and lifestyle advice.

Yoga Therapy is all about care; it uses a holistic approach treating the care seeker, not just the disease.

It may be appropriate if you have specific health and wellbeing needs and goals, are learning to live with serious illness; or are rehabilitating from surgery or injury.

Therapy has a positive influence on body, breath and mind, leading the care seeker towards optimum health. It provides the care seeker with an opportunity to actively be their own positive change.

Therapy helps to balance emotions and improve health and quality of life on all levels. In addition it can assist rehabilitation after exercise induced injury or surgery.

Yoga Therapy is a complimentary modality; therapists often work alongside doctors and allied health professionals.

It has the potential to improve the functions of the body including digestion, elimination, respiration and circulation.

It supports and assists in a range of common health conditions including asthma, arthritis, anxiety, depression, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, lupus, fibromyalgia, insomnia.

What happens in a Yoga Therapy Session?

Yoga Therapy is a one-on-one session with a skilled Yoga Therapist and the Care Seeker.
The first yoga therapy consultation is an hour and a half. Your medical history will be noted; pulse rate and gentle movement observed, a questionnaire and discussion would evaluate your current situation and wellbeing.
A short and simple practice will be taught and you will receive a clear diagrammatic plan to take home and practice.
This will be checked and refined at the follow up session within a week to ten days of the initial consultation:


Therapy sessions are available throughout the week. Evening and weekend sessions by special arrangement. Click for Bookings and Enquires


Initial consultation (1.5 hours) and follow up (30 – 40 minutes): $180

Individual or ongoing sessions (1 hour) $80
Four class package, including initial consultation: $290
Concessions available upon request to Health Care card holders.